Maritime English – Собеседование с кадетами в крюинге. Вопросы и ответы.Часть 2

How do you improve (develop) your English? How do you develop your English?  I work hard at my English every day on my own and with a private teacher. I read and translate texts, learn new words and expresions and communicate with my friends and my teacher.
What are your plans for future? I`d like to finish my navigation faculty successfully and get (gain) the profession of a navigator (an electrical engineer (mechanical engineer)) and get an officer`s position on a ship, prefarably as a navigator (an electrical engineer (mechanical engineer)). During my sea work i want to get a strong navigational experience.
Why did you decide to choose a profession of a navigator and not a profession of an marine engineer? Because my sea experience convinned me that i like the profession of a navigator better.
What certificate will you get after finishing the Academy? What certificate are you gaing to get after finishing the Academy? I am going to get a diploma of a navigator (a diploma of (an electrical engineer (mechanical engineer)).
Do you have a computer experience and you familiar with software loading? I only can work with a computer as a used. I also can assemble and disassemble computers. I assembled my computer on my own.
What are your hobbies? My main hobby is soccer. For seven years till 2017 i had played in soccer team “Pelikan”. Ater that till now i have played in football club “ONMA”. As a member of soccer team i have been to Germany, Poland and Turkey. Our soccer team were awarded with many prises.
Why did you leave your last company? Because they only can give me a position of an electrical cadet on container vessel but as i decided to be an electrical engineer on LNG type i want to get an experience on LNG vessels in your company.
Why did you come to Pelican Crewing Company? Because, as i have heard, your company is reliable, your ships are modern and your company has got a special programm for cadets growing (promoting) to a position of the officer.
How did you learn about our company? From TV, internet marine forums and my friends from the Academy.

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