Термины на английском языке, которые рекомендуется использовать в САРП, в соответствии с рекомендациями ИМО. часть 2

Definitions of terms to be used in connection with ARPA performance IMO standards

Heading means the direction in which the bows of a ship are pointing expressed as an angular displacemement from north.
Targetʼs predicted Motion
means a prediction of future target motion based on linear extrapolation from its present motion as determined by past measurements of its range and bearing on the radar.
Relative Vector means the predicted movement of a target relative to own ship.
True Vector
means the predicted true motion of a target as a result of own ship`s direction and speed input. The true vector may be either displayed with reference to the water or to the ground.
Acquisition means the process of selecting a target or targets and initiang their tracking.
Tracking means the computer process of observing the sequential changes in the position of a target in order to establish its motion.
Target Swoop means a situation in which the incoming radar data for a tracked target becomes incorrectly associated with another tracked target or a non-tracked radar echo.
Acquisition Area
means an arena set up by the observer which should automatically acquire a target when it enters such an area.
means equally time-space past position of a target, which is being tracked. The history may be relative or true.
means tracks displayed by the radar echoes of targets in the form of a synthetic afterglow. The trails may be either relative or true. The true trails may be sea or grounded stabilised.

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