Maritime English – Собеседование с кадетами в крюинге. Вопросы и ответы.Часть 4

What mooring orders do you know? Перейдите по ссылке mooring orders.
What container lashings do you know? I know (We used) manual or automatic twist-locks, con-locks, screwbridge fittings, chain lashings, turnbuckles, lashing bars.
What types of ships did you work (sail) on? I worked on universal dry cargo ship, bulk-carrier with self-unloading system, container ship and a port tug. Our tug was designed for towing ships in and out of the port. Besides it was also designed for fire-fighting.
What types of ships do you know? I know dry cargo ships, tankers, universal specialized (bulk cargo,timber,refrigerated goods),  specialized ships – bulk-carriers (timber-carriers, reefer ships), Lo-Lo (lift on/ lift off), Ro-Ro.
What were the main particulars of your last ship? Her length was 130 metres, width 30 metres, draft 5 metres, displacement was 60 thousand tons.
What were your favourite subjects in the Academy? These were navigation, English and PT.
Why did you like navigation? Because it is my future profession. With the help of navigation i got known how to steer the vessel, find the ship`s postion, plot the course on the chart, operate GPS (GMDSS), radar installations ad other radio-navigational equipment.
Why do you need English on board ships? Becayse i must provide negotiations with other ships and port authorities, read charts and publications in English, make up ship`s documents, decide problems during loading operations and so on.
What deck equipment do you know (did you work with)? I know (I worked with) the following deck equipment (machinery): cargo cranes and derricks, mooring winches, windlasses, capstans, hatch covers, gangways, life-boats davits, bollards (bitts – кнехты), rigging (такелаж).

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