Maritime English – Собеседование с кадетами и палубной командой в крюинге. Вопросы и ответы.Часть 5

What was cargo lifting capacity of your deck cargo cranes (derricks) on your last ship? On my last ship we had 2 cargo cranes with lifting capacity of about 5 tons. So we handled countainers with shore cargo cranes.
Do you know how to assist the pilot to transfer the ship? When the pilot boat (launch) approaches the ship a sailor must prepare a life-buoy and a heaving line at the pilot boarding place. Then he rigs a pilot ladder on the lee side. Sometimes he rigs a pilot ladder combined with a gangway or uses a mechanical pilot hoist. He assists the pilot to board the vessel.
How many containers  (TEUS – 20 footer equvalent unit) did your ship carry? My container ship carried to 5000 TEUS including reef-containers .
How did you install (stow) containers? We stowed containers in holds and on hold hatch covers in tiers (shars) and rows (bays). In holds we had a cellular structure of angle bars forming container guides into which the containers were stowed, one on top of another. The containers carried on deck were carefully secured (lashed) to ensure that they would not shift. We used the following lashings.
Do you know how to supervise stowing the cargo? Yes, I do. Sailors are assigned to keep watch on deck or at holds and supervise loading and unloading operations so that the cargo or containers were not damaged, protected with dunnage (подстилка под груз) to prevent shifting and damage. Some cargoes require separations between tiers and rows. On containerships a seaman keeps watch at the hold to make sure that the containers are put in their places correctly.
Do you know how to take soundings? Sailors use measuring tapes with a metal load at the end. Special paste or chalk (мел) are applied on the tape. Then the tape is dipped into the ballast or fresh water tank. When the load touches the bottom there is a sound. The tape is drawn out of the tank and on changing its color the level of water is determined.

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