Maritime English – Собеседование с кадетами и палубной командой в крюинге. Вопросы и ответы.Часть 6


Do you have any lathe (turning machine) experience? I have some skills gained in the Academy. I can machine round details (parts) and cut threads.
Do you have any experience in entering enclosed space? I dont have any experience in entering enclosed space, but i know the safety regulations for entering it. ( I dont have such experience but i know how to do it).
In case of painting we must check, inspect, clean, wash, chipp of the rust, paint.
Are you familiar with painting works? Yes, I am.
How do you prepare the surface for painting? Painting rusty places is the main job of the sailor on board. Before painting the sailor must clean and wash all deck equipment so that to remove all oil, dirt and salt. Then he removes loose paint with a scraper and any heavy rust with a chipping hammer. Then he brushes the place to white metal with a wire brush. After that he applies one or more coats of he applies several coats of enamel. He takes all the tools and materials from the paint-locker the keys to which are kept by the bosun. (paint scrapers, brushes, wire brushes, chipping hammers, paint rollers, paint sprayes).
What standard outfit must a sailor work in? He must work in overall, safety helmet, goggles, gloves and special safety shoes with metal toes. In winter or in cold weather he works in warm vest. In stormy weather or rain he should wear waterproof overall or gown .

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