Maritime English – Собеседование с кадетами в крюинге. Вопросы и ответы.Часть 7


Dangerous goods or working substances International  Maritime Dangerous Goods Code in which all dangerous goods are divided into 9 classes. We must pay much attention to fire-fighting equipment and measures how to avoid fire or explosion on board.
Are you familiar with drug, alcohol and smoking policy? Yes, I am. Using and keeping drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited. Smoking is only allowed in special places.
Emergency drills alarm. What emergency drills do you know?
1. General emergency drill 2. Fire drill 3. Man overboard 4. Abandon ship 5. Oil pollution prevention drill.
What is Must list (Station Bill)? On joining the ship I am given my personal Muster List card in which my emergency duties and stations are indicated.
What is your lifeboatman experience? Just on “Abandon Ship” alarm i followed to Muster Station warmly dressed and having my life-jacket on, I executed the orders of the chief officer.
 How did you lower the life-boat?
We lowered the life-boat as follows:

  1. Uncovered the life-boat;
  2. Removed harbour pins (рейки) ;
  3. Released gripes (отпускаем найтовы), keel block fastening, boat davit stroppers;
  4. Screwed the drain plug;
  5. Released hand rail (леера);
  6. Lowered the storm-ladder;
  7. Checked the life-boat supplies;
  8. Lowered the life-boat.
What 3 garbage containers do you know? What 3 zones of garbage disposal do you know?

 Please, try to find the answer yourself!

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