Gantry Catches Fire During Cargo Operation On Maersk Vessel

A gantry crane at the Port of Buenos Aires, Argentina caught fire during cargo operation on Maersk Lavras, a 2011 built Hong Kong flagged container ship operated by Maersk A/S.
The cause of the fire is not yet known. National Maritime Authority of Argentina reported that the firefighters are fighting the fire on the gantry crane, same can be seen in the video below.
As per our sources, the fire has been extinguished and the situation is under control now. All crew and the vessels in the vicinity are reported to be safe, whereas any damage to the cargo or Maersk Lavras is yet to be assessed.
The gantry crane was operating on the terminal 4 of the Port of Buenos Aires, assigned for the cargo operations on Maersk Lavras when the unfortunate incident took place.

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