FURUNO ENVISION AR is new advanced augmented reality navigation system

Beyond Reality

FURUNO ENVISION AR Navigation System is our all-new advanced augmented reality navigation system that provides substantial support to navigation, using the power of AR to go beyond reality.

Thanks to a camera pointed forward of the vessel, an image of the front view projects on a display and all the necessary navigation information is superimposed over this live video imagery by our AR technology. Even in adverse weather or visibility conditions, you can clearly view other vessels’ routes and critical information, as well as own ship data, allowing you stress-free maneuvering and navigation. This very intuitive way to display and share the information between the captain and the bridge team provides enhanced situational awareness, crew confidence, watchman support, and allows for better coordination of crew members.

The FURUNO ENVISION series aims to contribute to the safety and security of the voyage by offering visual support to maneuvering and navigation during any operation, a further technological step towards autonomous navigation.

*AR navigation is an auxiliary tool designed to improve the navigation comfort for safer navigation. In no case should AR navigation replace Radar, ECDIS etc. and other required instruments for danger avoidance.


AR overlay

Thanks to a camera pointed forward of the vessel, an image of the front view projects on a display and all the necessary navigation information is superimposed over this live video imagery by FURUNO AR technology.

  • Azimuth
  • AIS
  • Heading
  • Radar Target Tracking (TT)
  • Route
  • Waypoint
  • User chart & ENC symbols


ar navigation system

ar navigation system

TVI (Top View Indicator)

Displays other ships by either Target Tracking (TT) or AIS in 360 degrees with own ship as center.


  • If the target is out of the viewing angle of the camera, the out-of-view area in the TVI will flash to alert you.
    *This video has been sped up x20.

One-click range switching

In congested sea areas with a large number of vessels, it is possible to reduce the number of targets that are displayed by simply changing the range. This function is also very useful for temporarily checking distant targets.

Intuitive color-coded display for targets *


Based on CPA/TCPA value, TT and AIS targets will be displayed in different colors according to their threat level.

  • TVI
  • Selective marker
  • Main target information frame
  • Appended target information frame
  • Target shape

*Colors adjustable (Yellow, Orange and Red are available)

Selection marker and Target information box

Other ship information are collected by either TT or AIS are indicated with specific marks. When a mark is clicked, a box containing the information will open.



Target shape

By superimposing the graphical virtual shape over AIS targets (virtual buoy, buoy, boat, tanker), it becomes easy to visually grasp the location of dangerous targets and their directions.

  • Target shape OFF
  • Target shape ON

User can show/hide the information

User can show/hide the information (course to the next waypoint, time to go, distance) for the To way-point on the route.

  • No-go area
  • Landmark
  • Waypoint information
  • Pilot station
  • Buoy
  • Safety contour
  • Coastline

What the eye cannot see

AR information overlaying the screen is particularly useful in poor visibility conditions.

AR Navigation ON/OFF Comparison in bad weather conditions

AR Navigation ON/OFF Comparison during nighttime navigation

*By using a surveillance video camera and overlaying AR information on the display, our AR Navigation system allows for quick and intuitive situational awareness.

Stable AR expression

Even when the ship is pitching or rolling, the overlaying AR information remains stable and will not drift away from the real elements of the live imagery, providing reliable data in all circumstances.


PRODUCT NAME AR Navigation System


TYPE Black box
DISPLAY MODE Target Tracking (TT)、AIS, Azimuth, User chart, ENC chart symbol
INTERFACE Ethernet: 2 ports
USB USB2.0:4 ports、USB3.0:2 ports
HDMI: 1 port

IP camera

RESOLUTION 1920 x 1080
SOURCE PoE Adapter

PoE Adapter

POWER SUPPLY 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


RESOLUTION 1920 x 1080

Standard Equipment list

  1. Processor
  2. IP camera(Visible light camera)
  3. PoE Adapter
  4. Trackball mouse
  5. ENC dongle
  6. Installation materials (HDMI cable 5 m, LAN cable 10 m x2 /2 m, USB cable 5 m x2, Processor mount kit, IP camera bracket, Screws for bracket・Washer, Aseismic mat for installing POE Adapter)


* AIS is not included in the standard supply.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://emtc.od.ua/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/ar-navigation_en.pdf” title=”AR Navigation_EN”]

Source of information – https://www.furuno.com/special/en/envision/

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