Морські новини


Морські новини

17 Бер

Нововведения по сменам моряков: экскурс по странам

В последние дни транспортные ведомства нескольких стран обновили требования и меры предосторожности для работников флота, которые пересекают госграницы. Кроме того, согласно последним данным Морского информационного отдела Балтийского и Международного морского совета (BIMCO), некоторые страны делают для членов экипажей исключения из общих правил. Так, согласно данным BIMCO, изменения по ситуации со сменами моряков произошли в следующих […]


15 Бер

Fire Aboard MSC Cruise Ship Laid-Up in Greece

Smoke has been seen billowing from the laid-up cruise ship MSC Lirica which is currently at the dock in Corfu, Greece. Media reports indicate that a fire broke aboard the ship, which has a skeleton crew aboard, at 3:30 p.m. local time and that the crew initially tried to extinguish the fire before local assistance arrived on the […]


12 Бер

Container shipping – инфографика

Для увеличения изображения нажмите на картинку Company container logistics – cycle time: Customer books cargo on a vessel, trough an agent, Agent communicates the booking to and invoicse the cutomer for the booking, Company sends an invoice to the agent, 10 days after the vessel calls at the last regional port of loading, based on […]


9 Бер

Stena Bulk Unveils Innovative Modular Bulk Carrier Design

The general cargo trades were revolutionised by the container, and Stena Bulk has unveiled a concept design for a modular bulk carrier it believes could do the same for the dry and wet bulk trades. The hybrid InfinityMAX concept design carries wet and dry bulk cargo in modular compartments which can be added to dropped […]


4 Бер

P&O Plans to Resume British Market with Short Summer Cruises

Following the example of other large cruise lines that have been able to resume limited service by focusing on their domestic markets, Britain’s P&O Cruises plans to launch a limited program of summer cruises. The trips, which will depart from Southampton, England, and cruise UK coastal waters would become the first large cruise ships to […]


3 Бер

Reminder: SOLAS amendments and relevant codes entering into force in 2021

  Keeping updated on new and retroactive requirements from IMO can be a challenge. In this regard, amendments to SOLAS and relevant codes, which enter into force in 2021, are summarized below as a reminder to Owners/Managers. The most important are 2:  The Cyber Security Requirement, by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) resolution. It states that, […]