The abbrevations are used in the DP operations:

  1. AIS Automatic Identification System
  2. ASOG Activity Specific Operating Guidelines
  3. CAMO Critical Activity Mode of Operation
  4. DGNSS Differential Global Navigation Satellite System
  5. DGPS Differential Global Positioning Satellite system
  6. DP Dynamic Positioning
  7. DPO DP Operator
  8. ECR Engine Control Room
  9. ESD Emergency Shutdown System
  10. FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  11. FMECA Failure Modes and Effects and Criticality Analysis
  12. GPS Global Positioning (satellite) System
  13. IMCA International Marine Contractors Association
  14. IMO International Maritime Organisation
  15. IT Information Technology
  16. LBL Long Baseline
  17. MTTR Mean Time to Repair
  18. MRU Motion Reference Unit
  19. SIMOPS Simultaneous Operations
  20. SBL Short Base Line
  21. SSBL Super Short Base Line
  22. TAGOS Thruster and Generator Operating Strategy
  23. TAM Task Appropriate Mode
  24. TTT Time to Terminate
  25. VRU Vertical Reference Unit
  26. WSOG Well Specific Operating Guidelines

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